Spin Skirt 65cm Petticoat

The world’s biggest selling petticoat.  Our top of the range Spin Dance petticoat is known for its light weight and is extremely comfortable to wear.

The Spin Dance petticoat is the world’s biggest selling petticoat. Thousands of happy customers are wearing the Spin Dance petticoat to accommodate a wide range of fashion requirements. Constructed in comfortable high quality organza fabric for maximum fullness and finished with ribbon edging on all layers. The result is a very light weight and very floaty petticoat that dancers love for its ability to achieve a horizontal spin line when dancing. Vintage wear & 50’s fashion wear customers take advantage of the fullness achieved under their dresses. Whether dancing or just wearing for fun, all enjoy the lightweight floaty feel of the classic Spin Dance petticoat.

Whether you’re dancing or just wearing for fun, you can still enjoy the lightweight floaty feel of the classic Spin Dance petticoat.  You can be assured this petticoat will sit firmly in position and avoid that ‘hitch and reposition’ issue that can occur with heavier weight petticoat fabrics.

Our 65cm (26 inch) length standard petticoat generally sits 2-3 inches below the knee, the waist will stretch from 60-105cm catering for sizes 8-14.

The 65cm large size petticoat fits waist from 80 – 130cm catering for sizes 12 – 20.


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